Who can tell me the truth?

Who can tell me the truth?


In memory of young Canadians unexpectedly died since January 2022


  1. In September 2022, nine months after the fact, Statistics Canada reported "significant excess mortality starting in January 2022", especially “among individuals younger than 45”.
  2. According to Public Health Agency of Canada, there were very few COVID-19 "cases deceased" in this age group throughout the entire pandemic, including since January 2022. This suggests that the majority of unexpected deaths among young Canadians since January 2022 were due to causes unrelated to COVID-19. 
  3. January 2022 marked the implementation of COVID-19 vaccination requirements for studying at universities and other educational and sporting institutions in Canada.

    Is this a coincidence or is this the reason behind the significant increase of deaths among young Canadians after vacction ? And, Why this highly disturbing statistics is not widely discussed in any of official channels? The answers to these questions can be found in the  May 2021 memo from the Privy Council Office:
  4. In May 2021, in response to the large number of reported serious adverse events, including deaths, that were observed in the first few months following the vaccine rollout in Canada, the Privy Council Office issued a memo recommending "managing COVID vaccine-related injuries or deaths with winning communication strategies to avoid undermining public confidence."

The term "Winning Communication Strategies" is used to justify the use of the data skewing practices  in order to conceal the truth from Canadians regarding the damaging effects of COVID vaccines. -  Read more

Examples of Winning Communication Strategies include:

  1. Not publishing or delaying the publication of inconvenient data.
  2. Attributing excess deaths among young Canadians after vaccination to numerous causes, excluding those related to vaccine mandates and vaccine quality (as done in the 'Excess mortality dashboard' published by Statistics Canada - Read more).
  3. Skewing the data in favour of desired outcome (as done in reporting 'Cases following vaccination' by Public Health Agency of Canada -  Read more)

"Who (can tell me the truth)?"
Anthem for the new generation

This song is premiered on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms.
The video for the song is made in four versions: 
short version (6:03), extended vesion with statistics (7:27), with more statistics (7:57), backing track (6:03)

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The Story Behind the Song:

From the song author:

"I am a data scientist by training with over twenty years of experience analyzing the performance of complex system using the data. In November 2021, while teaching Data Science tools to my Government of Canada colleagues, I helped to develop a Web App that visualized  Death Statistics published by the Statistics Canada

This App, was made publicly available at https://open-canada.github.io/Apps/vitals, and it revealed some rather concerning trends:

One of these  was an increase in deaths with unknown causes.

Another one was the apparent rise in deaths among Canadians, especially young Canadians, starting from Fall 2021, which is when COVID-19 vaccines started to be administered to younger population. 

The most concerning however was the fact that there was no mentioning of this highly worrisome statistics anywhere and any effort to raise the awareness about it seemed to be suppressed.

It would be only  in September 2022, i.e., more nine months after the fact, when Statistics Canada in its  Provisional deaths and excess mortality in Canada dashboard  published what some of us already knew: 

So, throughout this time, I've been thinking about all of this and asking myself the same question: "Who can tell me the truth? Who can held ease my mind?" 

This is why I started writing my Substack and it is how this song came to be. Hope, it will bring more awareness about the issue and you will be come one of those "Who is willing to join me in search of the answers that are so hard to find?"

About the Cover Image:

The graph on the cover is taken from the Deaths Tracking Web App. It  visualizes weekly number of deaths for Alberta. The first dash line marks the beginning of pandemic (January 2020). The second one marks the start of vaccine adminstration (December 2020). The last two show the period when significant excess deaths among young Canadians was reported by Statistics Canada (January -March 2022). 

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Additional statistics

One image that tells the whole story (full article)



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Additional stories and testimonials

One life story that tells it all (full article)

Get involved:   It is understood that everyone has the own experience and understanding about what has been happening in the world since 2020, and that many people have their version of the truth based on that.

This is why we created several versions of this video - to reach the hearts and minds of all Canadians, not only those who are already aware of the very concerning statistics presented in the video, but also those who are not. Please choose the version of this video that may have the best chance to resonate with their own experiences and share it with them. Alternatively, you can simply share with them the poem or the link to the song on any of your favorite music platforms.

People who have become divided over COVID-19 policies often refrain from engaging in meaningful conversations with those who hold opposing views. Consequently, they live in two parallel worlds, consuming different news sources and interacting solely within their own like-minded circles.

It is our hope that music, poetry, and official Government of Canada statistics will serve as catalysts for these individuals to engage in dialogue once again. By doing so, we aim to facilitate the discovery of the truth regarding what has been causing harm to our children since January 2022, and ultimately work together to protect and save them.

If you want to help families with vaccine-injured children:  
please visit  Vaccine Injury Compensation Canada website.

If you want to learn more and seek the truth:
please go to
Canadian Covid Care Alliance
National Citizens Inquiry.

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